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Notes on: Forms of Freedom, Forms of Struggle, Universality, Particularity, Form, and Content

Self-managed forms of organizing are necessary but insufficient for any libertarian revolutionary process. Any revolutionary process has both form(s) and content(s). We should not fetishize either from the other and abstract form from content or content from form. All political/economic/social movement processes and contents have organizational forms of some kind that are part of their … More

DIY Template for Horizontal Bylaws

Introduction: Structure, process, decision making, as well as rights and duties within formal groups are important for group functioning, achieving common goals, and solving common problems. Without a defined form and process, unaccountable and arbitrary power can easily emerge within an organization. But for freedom loving people, there is a problem when trying to formulate … More

The Conquest of Sandwiches

The Conquest of Sandwiches:   Intro: Communism has been a crucial part of anarchist and libertarian socialist history: in fact the term libertarian was used as a political term by anarchist Joseph Dejacque who critiqued the politics of Proudhon from an anti-hierarchical and communistic perspective. Later on, a more fleshed out conception of communism became more … More

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